Our clients are bakers, artists, pet sitters, acupuncturists, manufacturers, fishermen, consultants, and more. They are brave people in the Portland area who decided to risk their livelihood in order to pursue a dream. Many of them left good paying jobs with health insurance, retirement, and paid vacation to open their own businesses. Somewhere along the way each of them discovered that they needed some assistance in navigating state and federal tax regulations, paying their employees, or just keeping track of their business transactions. We're here to help them do just that. Our clients are also our neighbors, our friends, and our livelihood. We never forget that.

It’s hard to put into words how important Local Economy has been to our small business. We spent eight years working with a national corporate payroll chain and an accountant who we met with once a year for taxes. We were totally disconnected from our finances. When we moved over to Jim and Tom, the changes were immediate. Their knowledge and genuine concern with our success was apparent from the beginning. They’ve been a huge part of our health and continued growth.
— Jason Stein, Owner of Rocky Coast Family Acupuncture
Local Economy has saved my sanity! Almost from the start of my business, Jim and Tom have been right along side me helping with bookkeeping, taxes and payroll. They have been incredibly professional, knowledgeable and invaluable to the success of my business.
— Bevin McNulty, Owner of Bam Bam Bakery
Working with Jim and Tom is an absolute pleasure. I know I can rely on their expertise in both payroll and tax work. They are responsive, accurate, accountable, and full of good cheer. They give me peace of mind, taking this piece of the puzzle off my plate to allow me to focus on growing my business.
— Megan McConagha, Owner of 360 Uncoated
“We have been so pleased with the ease in which Local Economy was able set up and manage our nanny payroll. We highly recommend their services.”
— The Speeds, Portland, Maine