Outsourcing your payroll is a good idea. Local Economy specializes in payroll processing and compliance which keeps your business in line with taxing agencies. Using modern, accurate and technologically advanced payroll software we can provide your business with the services you typically find in the bigger payroll companies. We will:

  • Provide direct deposit of employee paychecks

  • Enroll your business in EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System)

  • Transfer funds on your behalf and pay all state and federal payroll taxes

  • E-file your quarterly payroll tax forms

  • Report your new hires to the State

  • Produce W-2s at year end

  • Provide online access for your payroll reports (paperless payroll)

  • Provide online access for employees direct deposit paystubs and W-2s Contact us today for a quote.

Worker's Compensation Insurance

All Maine businesses with employees are required to purchase worker's compensation insurance. Local Economy has partnered with The Hartford to integrate your worker's compensation premium payment into the payroll process. 

The Hartford's Pay-As-You-Go plan takes the hassle out of worker's compensation insurance.  With Pay-As-You-Go you can:

  • Eliminate monthly premium check payments

  • Achieve better cash flow management

  • Help minimize audit adjustments at the end of the policy year

  • Know that your worker's compensation premium is paid on time

To get a free quote from The Hartford, contact Holly Lofton at 210-451-6565 or email at: holly.lofton@thehartford.com .